Weedon's Skin Pathology - 5th Edition

Weedon's Skin Pathology - 5th Edition

by James W Patterson, MD

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  • 9780702075827
  • James W Patterson, MD
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  • Elsevier Health Sciences
  • Hardcover
  • English
  • 2020
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Product Description

Weedon's Skin Pathology is a highly respected resource among dermatopathologists, pathologists, and dermatologists worldwide. The 5th edition continues to uphold its reputation for excellence, offering comprehensive coverage of both inflammatory and neoplastic dermatopathological entities, with over 1,200 high-quality illustrations. This single-authored text helps you arrive at accurate diagnoses by identifying the characteristic features of each lesion and providing detailed information on established disorders, rare disease entities, and incompletely defined entities. The book also covers recent advances in the field, including molecular diagnostics, targeted-personalized medicine, and immunohistochemistry. In this updated edition, you will find streamlined introductory and basic science information, as well as new entities since the previous edition. The book presents key information in easy-to-reference formats such as tables and boxes, and provides authoritative, current, and relevant reference lists with over 35,000 citations for each entity. With the purchase of the book, you will also receive an enhanced eBook version that allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references on a variety of devices. Whether you are a practicing or trainee dermatopathologist, general pathologist, or dermatologist, Weedon's Skin Pathology is an essential resource for accurately and efficiently sign out challenging skin cases in everyday practice.

Key Features

  • Extensive coverage of skin pathology: The book provides a detailed and comprehensive coverage of the histopathology of all types of skin diseases, including inflammatory, neoplastic, and infectious skin disorders.
  • Detailed descriptions of pathological features: The book contains detailed descriptions of the pathological features of skin diseases, including their clinical and histopathological correlations.
  • High-quality images: The book includes high-quality color images of skin pathology, which are useful for visual identification and comparison.
  • Diagnostic algorithms: The book provides diagnostic algorithms for different skin diseases, which help in the interpretation of histopathological findings and the accurate diagnosis of skin disorders.
  • Practical approach: The book takes a practical approach to the diagnosis of skin diseases, emphasizing the importance of clinical correlation and the use of ancillary tests to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Updated content: The 5th edition of the book includes the latest advances in the field of skin pathology, including new diagnostic techniques and emerging therapies.
  • Expert authors: The book is authored by leading experts in the field of dermatopathology, ensuring that the content is accurate, up-to-date, and reflects the current state of knowledge in the field.

Product Reviews

Kirshan Gupta

Highly recommend

Review on 20-03-2023

As a dermatologist, I have been using Weedon's Skin Pathology for years and this latest edition is no exception - it is an absolute must-have for anyone working in this field. The book is incredibly thorough, well-organized, and includes numerous high-quality images to aid in diagnosis. Highly recommend!

Suresh Gupta

Helpful in building diagnostic skills.

Review on 21-03-2023

This book is a great resource for both practicing dermatologists and pathology residents alike. The layout is easy to navigate and the writing is concise and informative. The inclusion of clinical images alongside histopathological images is particularly helpful in building diagnostic skills.

Shivam Sharma

The chapters are organized in a logical manner.

Review on 26-03-2023

I found Weedon's Skin Pathology to be a fantastic resource during my dermatopathology fellowship. The book is incredibly comprehensive, yet still very readable. The chapters are organized in a logical manner and the inclusion of multiple images per entity is extremely helpful in learning to recognize various pathologies.

Suresh Gupta

Valuable resource for practicing pathologists.

Review on 25-03-2023

Weedon's Skin Pathology is an essential reference for anyone interested in skin pathology. The 5th edition offers updated information and an expanded coverage of topics such as immunohistochemistry and molecular diagnostics. This book is a valuable resource for both residents and practicing pathologists.