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    Manual of Ultrasound in Infertility Isarcon 2017 - 1st Edition

    Manual of Ultrasound in Infertility Isarcon 2017 - 1st Edition

    by Ahuja Maninder

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    • 9789352700769
    • Ahuja Maninder
    • 108
    • Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
    • Paperback
    • English
    • 1st Edition
    • 2017
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    ISAR workshop manuals were released at the workshops of ISARCON 2017 at the Annual Congress, Gurugram, Haryana, India.A complete A-Z of hands on of all infertility diagnosis, management for both male and female.Manuals cover male factor infertility in the manual of March to Perfection from simple examination of sample to all washing techniques and detection of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species).For females covers from role of USG in infertility (Ultrasound) to all the endoscopy procedures from diagnosis to treatment in both hysteroscopy and endoscopy?In IVF authors are demonstrating even gamete handling and ovum pick up and embryo transfer in the actual lab settings. Also discusses embryo and prenatal genetic diagnosis and prenatal genetic study techniques.All these manuals are well written point-wise, have flow charts, diagrams and good-quality photographs for ease of reading and understanding

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    Product Reviews

    Nikita Pandey
    Infertility ultrasound expertise.
    Groundbreaking infertility resource. Comprehensive guide.
    Ravi Sharma
    Ultrasound for infertility.
    A valuable resource for infertility specialists. Simplifies ultrasound usage.
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